Im obsessed with my ex :-(

Its unhealthy and I know that. I was in a toxic relationship which knocked my confidence. He dumped me and treated me bad. Roumer he cheated and I suspect he dumped me for his new girl. The problem is this. I'm doing the no contact. I'm looking after myself health and looks I don't drink often I don't socialise in my home town I deleted my fb I don't check in on him at all. He has ruined me. Its 2 months later and he's with a girl I know I fell out with her close friend a ywar back over something small. (The girl atracked me publicly for no reason) anyway this girl my ex is with hates me because of lies from her friend. Now my ex is with her. I'm devistated because he used to call her easy etc.. they are playing happy happy couple he's doing things with her he never done with me treating her etc. she's well in with his family and her family love him. I know all thos because I was told by a mutual friend that works with my exs friend. I think about him every day all the time. I'm driving myself mad. I don't know what to do now. I just can't get past it. I hate him for what he's done but for some reason I still love him. I'm a mess. Iv tried all the usual advice distract focus on yourself. New hobbie. No contact but still its not working? Help please.
Also just to add this wasn't even a long relationship so you can just imagine how mad I am at myself for feeling like this.


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  • Seems like normal grief pattern esp. combined with his rejection despite his own behavior.

    • You think so yeh? Its just I was in a 7 year relationship and when it ended I never felt any of what I'm feeling now? Atleast I feel normal after you mentioning grief. Thank you.

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    • Mhm?

    • Oh, that's just me saying "No problem" in some language that best is suited for vocal context.

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  • No matter what you feel about your ex, don't get back with him


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  • I think you need more time to heal, and also you need to talk toother people too. new hoobies and activities aren't goig to do it, you need people to be with.

    • I have. Its hard when a lot of my friends don't like him so they are always negative. Family are helpful its just hard to get him out of my head especially when he's with someone else now. And the girl he iswith isn't a nice girl.

    • I get how you feel, but you will just have to let time pas and hope you'll forget him a little bit more everyday

    • Hopefully :) thanks :)

  • Get a new guy

    • Easier said than done. I'm shy enough with guys and I don't socialise much either I tend to avoid drink as I can become emotional with it.

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