Was it really magic or just me over thinking?

So yesterday around 8 ish to 9 something. I did a love spell on my ex boyfriend to bring him back. Because the brake up with him and I didn't like the way it turn out it wasn't a nasty brake up I just wish things was different .So I said my wording and I had one red candle, rose petals they were more pink then red, and red lip gloss, and some perfume. These was some items I use in my love spell and things I know that he likes and I. Things I would wear it around him or it was on me. But in the spell what I was doing I notice when my 2nd ex boyfriend kept calling me. So I blew out the candle because I didn't want it to hit 2nd ex before him. And all of a sudden my phone beep and when I look at it was from my current ex boyfriend and he was saying so here I am @ the beach what are you doing 4 the weekend. So question is why did he text me saying he was at the beach and did my spell really work. I mean we don't text each other and the last time we did was like last weekend. I mean we stay up texting each other until like 12 ish a.m he never stays up that late. I mean even when we dated he would always say he was tired and how he was going to sleep. But all of a sudden why did this happen? Thanks?..


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  • If magic worked it would be used, researched, patented and sold.

    • This is so true.

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    • Yes that true yeah I did some research about magic, and they said sometimes it work and other times it's just a coincidence. I mean I'm kinda new to making spells and actually knowing what works and what not, I been reading a lot about. Red magic, black magic, and white magic. They do have spell books that you can order online, but I don't need to go that far.

    • Not if governments and religious organizations tried to prevent people from realizing they could have that kind of power.

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  • coincidence, but if you believe in magic then its magic.

    • And your right! it could of been just a coincidence, but I don't even talk to him like that. And also why would he stay up until 12 a.m he never use to do this even when we went out. But I haven't check my phone in some hours so I don't know if he text me or not. But then again I don't need to mess with that stuff true or not, I'm a Christian. It was just weird ! :p

  • The success rate of all magical spells is exactly equal to the probability of the desired effect occurring without the spells being cast.

  • There is no such thing as magic. That is just what happens when chance, luck, and timing are absolutely perfect.


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