Girl I was seeing has been on my mind. Should I forget and move on?

I'll try to keep this as short as I can. Basically I was seeing this girl a few months ago. Went on a few dates and everything went good. Just after this she went on holiday with her family and after she returned I tried to get her out again. At first, I had a little trouble getting another date sorted to come over to mine (even though she said she wanted to come but had already made plans with her best friend).

Anyway I got her to pick me up from town on an evening and drop me home. All was cool, gave her a kiss and arranged to chill at mine a few days later.

On the day, time was getting on and I asked if she was still up for it to which she gave me a lame excuse that she had to stay in and clean the house.

I spoke to her on the phone that evening and she basically said she was scared that this was getting into a relationship. She liked being single and thought it was easier for her that way. Anyway, I convinced her that nothing had to be serious and that we got along well so why not just let it play out. She felt easier about the situation and we agreed to meet again and see what happens.

A week later I messaged her to she if she wanted to hook up over the weekend to which she replied she was all booked out and said she was sorry. I've been with enough girls to know when they are blowing you off.

Months have passed since then and I have not contacted her but she has been on my mind this time. She seemed to be so hot and cold, one minute she really wanted to see me, the next she didn't. It's fair to say she is only 20 and has had little to no relationship experience from what she told me.

Should I act on these thoughts or just continue to move on as I have? I've told myself she probably isn't really worth it, being that I'm a genuine guy, and that she should of taken the chance with me when I gave it to her. That being said, I still think about her and would just like to hear your thoughts on similar situations or any advice. Thanks for reading :)


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  • It's tough man. The reason why you still think about her is because just as soon as things started to get interesting, everything came crashing back down due to her hot/cold behavior, and most importantly there hasn't been any closure since then.

    I don't know if you can still contact her, but if you do you should let her know how you felt about her, that you appreciated your time with her, and that it's unfortunate a relationship couldn't work out for the both of you. And then move on.

    • Hey dude, thanks for the reply. Yeah, a friend of mine said to me today the reason for still thinking about her was no closure. Although that could be the case I am skeptical about contacting her again as I don't want to come across as if I have been thinking about her, and driving past her today didn't help :/ In terms of her behavior , you think this was just disinterest or just her personal feelings on a relationship as sometime although I do have confidence, I can take it personally. Thx :)

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    • No worries man. Her cousin doesn't see her much but it wouldn't hurt just to find out. Either way your right in that leaving this behind is the best thing to do anyway. Cheers for the advice dude. Always nice to hear someone else's views.

    • Yep, anytime dude.

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