Girls, do you want to hear the real reason why it would never work?

There's a girl I was talking to, but realized it will never work. There are many reasons, but I gave her the one reason that she can't take too personally. She is moving back home next year after college (1000 miles away) and I like where I live now, so that's a deal breaker. There are some other reasons too, but I'm trying to spare her feelings. They are...

She's a tomboy. She only wears t-shirts and jeans or long shorts

Her hair is in a bun 100% of the time. I like it long and flowing

She smokes an e-cigarette

She never goes out and does things. I am kinda introverted too, but I'll go out with friends a couple nights a week.

I'm nowhere near perfect either, but should I spare her feelings and keep telling her it's the moving part that I can't take? She's telling me that I shouldn't worry about what she may or may not do next year. I don't want to hurt her feelings, but she's already hurt that I won't give her a chance.


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  • She currently believes that the location issue is the ONLY issue when it isn't. You need to tell her one way or another that you only see her as a friend and not interested in taking it any further with her. This is true, and it means you won't have to tell her the other reasons. And she isn't right for you! If she was, you would like these things about her, so she obviously isn't the one :)

    Good luck Xx


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  • you are totally free to believe some things will work for you and some wont, you are not the bad guy you can like whoever you want to like for your own reasons

  • Personally, I would want to hear the real reason. Yes, it would hurt more, but it would let me know that geography isn't the only thing in the way.


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  • why is smoking an 'e-cigarette' bad?


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