My ex popped up, I toldhim I was still angry. he's playing dumb, I want to send him this.

you can't just pop up a year later and expect everything to be kosher. you strung me along for a year because you were too lazy to find sex elsewhere and I was too f***ed up at the time to walk away. it's fair game until someone has feelings. when that happens you end it. you don't agree to a "relationship" you were never going to follow through with, because you don't want to be alone. I was f***ing in love with you. (don't ask me why now,i can barely remember) It's cruel and selfish. Both people have to be at the same level, if I was cool with a once a month bang arrangement, then it's fine but I wasn't. Things between us ended when a old friends with benefits of yours came back. I'm assuming she's grown up a little and has moved on. And now you're looking for another easy way out...or rather in.

too much?


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  • i would say the message is good but the cussing makes it a little bit harsh, cut it out and it will be perfect

    • it's OK, not worth it. he's never going to see me again in person. that's his loss. I don't think people change, if he didn't care about me then, why would he care now?

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  • Too long. Something this indepth needs to be a phone call or else it should be cut down to the essentials.

    • oh it's over. I decided that I can't forgive someone who treated me that badly for so long.

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    • Oh, I'm not saying to forgive him. All I'm saying is this much information is not something to put into a text. Once he gets the text he's likely to call you back anyways.

    • he just said well, you seem to have a lot of hidden anger towards me. um yea duh

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  • Just right ! You tell that bastard! Don't even bother giving him a second chance. He'll just treat you the same as before until someone better comes along.

    • ha, it' sok, I wrote something else, less angry that showed that I still care. I do but we just want different things.

  • I think your anger shows that you still have feelings for him? I don't know, it shows that you still somehow care. Remember that indifference is worse than hate.


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