Guys help me out, I simply do not understand you...

I am in a happily relationship been here for four months and he already told me he is committed and spoils me rotten. Nothings wrong we are insane for each other and we don't fight except for when he buys too much for me. It started with flowers on ourfirst date and now he comes with shoes .___.

Now that's fine whatever he wants to spend his money on I don't care. The part I'm stuck on is why my ex's keep on trying to pursue me! So far I had 3 of my ex's come running back to me and one guy that used me. I open my door this one morning to my ex who goes on how sorry he is and how he does want a life together and how he didn't mean to cheat on me. He was a guy I really saw a don't future with. The guy that used me kept on texting me saying he was sorry and that he should of known j was special and I was different. My other two ex's are the same. One used to live in Guam because his dad was stationed. He came back but I was lucky my boyfriend was staying at my house. I don't understand why they come back when they were the ones that left me, humiliated me and hurt me. They wanted me for my body only. Why now? What is so special about now that they have to try and sabatoge my relationship? Why do guys act like this? One even texted me saying "hey baby he doesn't have to know we can have fun".


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  • It seems that your beautiful body is the only thing that they are after

  • LOL @ you trying to make this a male thing. It's a human thing.


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