We finally cleared the air but he's such a douche that I regret meking a menze!!!

Me and my ex cleared the air after no talking for 2 months all was fine but he then started bringing up things which always cause arguments but I didn't feed I to it. He decided to tell me I made him feel ugly and that's why he ended it and I ruined his confidence. I was vert hurt by this because I never ever made him feel that way actually I was d complete opposite. here's the annoying part when we broke up he said it was because he's just not happy that was fine. 2 wks later sed he actually ended it cos he took bad advice. Whatever! Now he says this. Really like? Wtf. he's in a new relationship and brags about how happy and great they are together and iv told him I'm happy for him I wish them both well, so why be bothered about me and issues in d past like? I just wanted an easy life with no problems with anyone including this ex. MEN ye are a confusing lot :-P


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  • he might have been insecure but looked for other excuses for you to hide that. and he might still ahve feelings for you

    • He don't have feelings for me. He's the type who needs constant attention amd ego boosts

      And as much as you care for someone. That kind of behavior can be extrly irratating. Hopwfully this new girl can keep his ego boosted I just hope he leaves me alone

  • some men are confusing not all of them, next time just choose better

    • Thats true I guess but any advice or in put into his behavior ? As far as I'm aware we are cleared and that but his attitude is strange cos if he ia with sumone else and apparently happy then why so concerned with us and why change your excuses for dumling me? I don't get it all I want is lsave the last where it is.

    • if I were you I would just keep away from him

    • Ok thanks

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