What could I do for my ex boyfriend to forgive me?

me and my ex were try to get back together and one night I got really drunk and I ended up making out and giving his best bud a bj

yeah drinking is not an excuse it happened

my ex said that I would have to do something big for him to forgive me but I don't know what I could do any ideas
any idea guys what should I do need some help


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  • sorry to say it but for me I couldn't forgive that ( link I might forgive a kiss but I could never feel the same about you (or my best friend for that matter) after giving a guy oral.

    But just apologize. Tell him you made a huge mistake one that you will forever try to make him realize that you are sorry and hope for his foregiveness. You need to know that he is going to be angry, hurt, and probably full of resentment. It's going to be difficult for both him and you ... In my experience with cheating even though I wanted to forgive and forget my anger and hurt was so great that I just couldn't do it

    so good luck. just be apologetic and know that it might be rough going for a while...

    P.S. you boyfriend has some sh*tty friends


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  • Not sure what you can do. That's a pretty big deal especially the fact that its his best bud. Apologize over and over and ask him what he needs to forgive u

  • At 18 yo this is obviously not a serious relationship. The only way to even the playing deck is for you to give him a 3 way. No kidding.

  • Honestly?

    If your boyfriend has *any* brains, he will not take you back. Why don't you just find another guy? You pretty much gave him the ultimate insult--cheating on him with his best friend. If you cared for him, you wouldn't have done that. For his sake, leave him be and move on.

  • Wow...that was a world class f*** up. I'd say the only chance you have is to let him know you really care abut him and you're VERY sorry and remorseful. You're going to need to grovel...a lot. That may work, or it may not, but if he's important enough to you then I'd suggest that's what is needed.

  • let him have sex with you let him do whatever

    • that what he was think I should do ha ha but I just don't want to end up havin sex then him leave me

    • sex feels good

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