Ex wants to meet up?

Hi guys, I was wondering if you can help me understand is there any hidden motive for my ex wanting to meet up. We were together a year and a half ago, and we broke up, because we just couldn't see each other that often as we wanted to. After all this time we still communicate via sms and Facebook, we play around and make jokes... I never really got over her, but she has a boyfriend now. She recently suggested that we should meet up for coffe, and we will meet in a few days. So what do you think? And what should we talk about now?


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  • maybe she wants closure


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  • She wants to tell you something or ask you something. You can probably figure out what it is by just asking questions before hand

    • Guess I'll find out what it is in a few days... Thanks :)

  • is this the first time you`ll be meeting her again?

    • Well, we saw each other for a few minutes once, but it wasn't planned, so I guess you can say it is...

    • okay well then I agree with RositaV she probably just wants to ask you something she can't do via texting or wants your opinion on something, as you seem to be friends still.. so that will probably be what you`re going to be talking about. if not, try to keep it simple and light, like your funny texts.. don`t start talking about your past and especially not that you never really got over her.

    • I understand, thanks for the answer :)

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