Moving Out-of-State Experiences?

For a few years now, I've been wanting to move to Texas (from Kansas). I've visited Dallas, San Antonio and Corpus and fell in love with each of them. I know they have their flaws but sure as hell beat living in Kansas where there's practically nothing to do here on a daily basis for young adults (almost 25 here).

So what I've been doing is starting to save money and 'research' a bit on what cities to move to. Has anyone moved to another state? Especially by themselves? If so, what was it like? Any negatives or positives. Things to research upon?

My plan is to make enough money from working in the next two years and getting an apartment and transfer from my current job (if possible). Might finish getting my CJ degree at the local Community College and finish my 4 year somewhere in Texas.


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  • I moved from North Carolina to Mississippi an I absolutely love it here. Things I would say to be sure to research are crime rates and security and look into the local police office reports. Make sure that they have been doing their jobs because when I first moved down here I had some issues with robberies and the police not looking for the person who was doing it. Also look into local hangout because its important that you have a place to make friends ad meet people. Moving from a large city in the mid south to a small town in the Deep South I was unprepared for the drastic change on my social life.

    Overall I would tell you to make sure this is what you really want because moving takes a lot out of you and change is hard.


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  • i've moved almost every 5 years my whole life to a different place (Born in Canada then to Indiana then to virginia then to iowa then to new york) and what I've learned is that it's not as terrifying as you think no matter how down you get about having to make new friends you always will and after about a year your new life in your new home will begin to feel normal and you wil adjust to it and just because you move doesn't mean you have to lose touch with old friends you just need to put in the work to keep in touch with them good luck and I have a friend who used to live in texas and they loved it good luck :)

  • Well you are moving from a: flat, hot area with tornadoes to a: flat, hot area with tornadoes. So not much different!

    • Wrong but thanks.

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    • And hip-hop. And Jazz. And Rock. And.. yeah. This is no help. Good day sir.

    • Bubba says there's my magic shooooooes

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