What do you do when you'd rather be unhappy?

What do you do when you'd rather be unhappy without someone than happy without them? I know I need to move on from my ex. He cares about me, but the romance is dead. I just don't want to move on. The thought of leaving him behind is terrifying and feels wrong. How do I make myself WANT to move on?

This breakup was a while ago. It's not recent.


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  • You can't 'make' yourself 'want' anything. Let time and nature do its work. It's perfectly OK to not want to move on, to hold on to the memories as long as you can.

    Spend all the time you want looking at pictures and mementos of your time together. At some point, you'll package it all away with a sigh and not look at it all again for years, and then you'll probably just smile to yourself and toss out all but maybe a couple things.

    For now, enjoy being sad. It's part of life at every stage. Life brings us together, and, sooner or later, separates us again. Even after decades, you'll have to separate by death no matter how badly you want to stay with someone.

    So don't fight your feelings..sadness will always be mixed with happiness.


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  • You start to realize that you're wasting your prime dating life worrying about this guy. While you're fretting, everyone else is moving on. Do you want to be hung up on a guy for years while they've found new, better relationships?

    • Nope, I want to date. At least, I want to want to date. I know I'm wasting my prime years. How do I get my heart to move on?

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    • I get hit on all the time. It just feels wrong. And it seems that I'd rather act out and use my body than get emotionally attached to someone.

    • Sometimes that's ok.

  • Music and know that God is enough(By lecrae)


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