What goes on through a guys head after a break up?

My boyfriend is 18 and I'm 16. He broke up with me because he said our age just was going to make it awkward when I go back to high school and he was in college. Then he asked if we can still be friends and share laughs. Like what's going on in his head?


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  • I think what goes on in a guy's head after a breakup depends on the relationship and his personal inner-attachment to the girl. If he really doesn't see the prudence in maintaining the relationship then he may decide to end the romance, but not seeing an immediate future for the romance doesn't necessarily correlate to not feeling a strong inner-attachment to the girl. If you really like this guy, and you can envision a future with him, then you should do two things. Firstly, don't let him "win the breakup" by allowing this sort of experience to get you down or discourage you from being happy (basically by showing maturity). Secondly, be his friend so you don't discourage the attachment he feels for you. Being his friend may seem difficult given whatever bitterness you feel, but in doing so, you'll be showing the type of maturity that will impress an older man.

    Also, you're 16 so if it doesn't work out you're still going to meet a lot of other men who you will take a liking to. Most women don't meet their husbands until their mid-twenties these days.


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  • He is too youngfor any exclusive relationship, with anyone, and he's smart enough to realize it right away. Also, he's right about the age difference at your stage of life; he'll want to get to know college girls, and high school news will be flat out boring.

    He's being honest with you, so try not to be angry with him. But friends? Probably not, for the same reasons you broke up.

    Maybe, when you are in college..!

  • Personally the first thing in my head would be "right, lads night is due"

    As for what is going through his head, well. I've said it before and I'm sure ill say it countless more times. When guys say something they tend to mean that and exactly that. Very rarely are any underlying subtle motives or meanings.

    Basically, he wants what he said: to remain friends for now.

    • Thank you. I would like to move on though it and then be friends. He seems to jump into the friendship like nothing happened at all though. I just want to know what he is thinking when he does this.

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  • He knew it was inevitable


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