Have you ever been in a position that it pushed you to cheat ?

i am not sure if my relationship is healthy I ve never cheated but I feel like my boyfriend pushes me by not giving me enough affection ( we are in LDR) I feel someone he send me short texts a couple time and that's it. I love him with all my heart and it hurts to think and wondering why he doesn't concern or care about me like I do. one day we had a fight and he told me that the reason I'm sad Because I made myself sad not him I was speechless. I barely act like I'm needy but I miss him. if I act I miss him a lot he plays me if I don't he accuses me

i really wanna dissappear from this but I can't evetho I tried to talk to him but he refuses. and now I'm completely in the dark alone

pls kindly help me what should I do to make him understand that I just want his affection when we are far away ?


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  • Just tell him. Stop telling him you're sad he doesn't want to spend what little time you have on the phone hearing about how HE makes you sad(he's right you're half doing it yourself, half helpless to the situation) it is what it is... Tell him more positive things, "i can't wait to see you..." Give him something to look forward too, seeing you're smiling face rather than you giving him a hard time for not being able to hug you. I'm sure he misses it to, but understand that time apart is difficult, try to find better ways to make it easier for the both of you.

    • i know what you mean but I think it;s kinda of unfair that he can't support me when I need him the most. how could he plan to marry me because he can't even be with me through my ups and downs?

    • Stop living tomorrow and live life now stop planning and live in the moment. You're talking marriage and YOU have a big part in that too! So it's a two way street.

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  • nope, just break up with him if you are not happy


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