He dumped me 2 months ago. he's with someone else yet I'm getting abuse? wtf?

He dumped me. I didn't want it to end but had to accept it. A few weeks later he's wirh someone else. Off with him. Hearing from him recently wirh constant abuse. That I'm the reason he has no confidence. I ruined his ego. My fault he gets abuse of people. We beoke up because he told me people told him he was good looking and a good guy and he's enjoying the attention. I told him he was good looking loads but he says I didn't. He gets abuse off someone he fell out with and his ex friend throws my name into arguments. Not my fault. And his ego? His ego needed to be boosted constantly it was so annoying so he used to tell me loads of girls want him I used to ignore this behavior. He always wanted me jealous but I never was. He is now wirh someone who he says its great and there happy bla bla I wished him well and all I get is abuse. Why like?


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  • You'd have NO contact with him as you see he cares about what people say ... more than YOU ... I think it's good you got broke with him now it's time for you to move on and to get a better guy for you ...

    • Thanks. He's the one who ended it. He seems to just want to give out I don't understand how he is nice I b nice back then he verbally abuses me. I haven't ever done anything against him or 2 make him feel insecure but I'm being blamed. He's with someone else so why attack me why doesn't he just get on with his life

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    • Ha OK il keep you updated ha thanks

    • You'r welcome :)

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  • Wait. How the hell do you know all this? You break up, you stop being involved with his life. Stop talking to him.

    • Because he got back in contact and was being friendly so I said id be nice back and then he began to abuse me. He dumped me I didn't dump him. He's the one pouring all the info and I wished him well but he responded by being abusive

    • Then I hope you have learned a lesson that this guy is a jackass and you're best served not giving him chances again.

    • Yep iv ignore the last message and intend to block him if he continues I just done see the need to abuse me when he's with someone else and I'm over the relationship and all theess that came with it. Thanks.

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  • because he's super insecure and an a**face. ignore him and his stupidity for making you feel bad to feel better about himself.

    • Thats true actually. I didn't even think of him trying to bring me down to lift himself up. Thanks :)

    • you are welcome :)

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