Cut and dry? or over thinking it?

I have been separated from the father of my 2 chilrdren for over a year now. I had since dated one other person for about 9 months. It didn't work out. I had asked the father if we could just TRY to reconcile and see if we can work things out. We had been together for 8 years prior. NO marraige. During the 8 years we had been together we had broken up twice before the 3rd and final time resulting in the seperation. BOTH times I had asked, lets work it out. He usually did, never really talked about it, we just went ahead and was back together. NOW this time, he won't respond to me. Won't talk to me (that hasn't changed, he never does), But when I finally mentioned it on the phone he said "we can talk about it when I get back" (he took the kids to the Gulf with his mom and step-dad. bit of a momma's boy he is). Does this mean he is considering it? OR is he just prolonging my suffering of anticipation as I am an impatient person and he knows it. I just want a simple "yes, lets try" or "no, move on" how freaking hard is that?!


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  • I don't think it would be a good idea to go back to him

  • why would you even want to get back with a guy who is like that? if it doesn't work then just don't get back to him


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