Please help. What do I do? Been screwed over by a boy.

Okay so here is the background. I met this kid 3 months ago on my best friends birthday. From the moment I met him we acted like we were "together"(he recently got out of a 3 year relationship) I kept pulling away saying no not the right time I'm not a rebound girl or to replace your ex whatever. He kept perusing me so eventually I let him take me to dinner, he bought me things, introduced me to his family, brought me to new places. He also meet my entire family and for my birthday came to dinner say with everyone got me a present the whole 9yards. He meet all my friends we were together alotttt. It was all really fast I guess. He would tell me that he was falling for me and he cared about me so much. And couldn't see his future without me in it. So before I meet him I was a "virgin" and one day it just felt like the right time. From that day everything changed. He ran off to visit family out of state. When he came back I explained I felt like a piece of ass that he used to get back into the game and I was some kind of "goal". He denied all that and kept saying he liked me and whatever. He had plans to leave again Togo out of state so he came over to say bye he kissed me all over calling me beautiful and cute stuff. He left only heard from him once. When he came home he texted me saying sorry Mia and whatever so I was honest about how wrong and he twisted it blaming me. He then hit me up 4 days after that to tell me he wants all his stuff back and the reason why he disappeared is cause he is now seeing someone else. And to make it better he said something about it that he use to say to me when I discussed my feelings. "Sometimes things just happen and when it's right it's right. " I've been ignoring but I'm so offended by him. He disgusts me so much. PLEASE help. Do I say everything I want to say or just remain quiet


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  • Try to understand that in the frame of mind he was in, he really couldn't help himself.

    You pretty much knew he was in rebound status, and you knew he was using you to make himself feel better...Isn't this at least partly your own fault for not being strong enough to follow your own good advice?

    • Excuse me. He could have helped himself I told him to please go hookup with other girls. He would tell me over and over he didn't want that he enjoyed my company more than that and he wasn't looking for that. The only thing I did wrong was not stay smart enough I fell for him and what he was doing and saying he played it right. In the relationship with him I did nothing wrong was honest and followed my heart for the first time with a guy.

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    • The only thing I did wrong was believe he cared for me. That's what hurts

    • And he did, in his rebound mentality of that time. He wasn't deliberately playing you.

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  • I think you were a rebound, but I don't think -he- realized you were a rebound.

    You got screwed over by life.

    What do you want to say?

    • A lot but at the same time nothing. He doesn't care he got what he wanted. And I guess so. Still doesn't justify his actions of vanishing after the sex. When he knew everything.

    • I may be wrong, but I don't think he -played- you. I think he wanted more then sex. He wanted to feel close to someone and cared for and wanted. And when he was getting those things it made him feel good, you made him feel good, and he wanted more of that.

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  • you were a rebound

  • you were just his rebound girl


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