Have you had a relationship that slowed your life down?

my boyfriend still has contact with his ex and sees her and they talk about getting back together behind my back. yesterday he said why worry about the next when your life is at a standstill. what was he meaning by this? we been together for 7 months and lived together for 7 months


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  • Wow. Dump his butt. He's using you as a "bookmark." By "slow down" are you referring to when one person in the relationship is making improvements, while the other person just sits there on the couch with no goals? Because that's what I had. I am always looking to improve. This guy who I was with for 3 years never cared about progressing. He would just sit there. Not take me anywhere. Not want to do anything. I got tired of waiting. Life is to short to waste your time on people who do not encourage you or treat you like the Queen you are.


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