Why would this guy act like this?

This guy I work with got laid off.. we have had a past together.. I was texting him tryng to make him feel good. he came back and said you made me smile on my face.. He would say thank you xoxoxox... he has been really nice to me. I asked him to keep in touch he said yes he just has to get a new number and phone. I found out from someone at work that he sent a mass text giving out his new number and new email address.. Prior to finding out I texted him saying hope has a better day today.. he goes thank you :)

i guess I'm confused at why I didn't get the number but yet told me he would keep in touch with me?
he also texted me thank you xooxoox

if he didn't want to keep in touch he wouldn't respond right?


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  • either he doesn't like you or he feels like giving you his number in person

    • even though he texted me xoxoxoo and how I put a smile on his face the past couple of days.

    • yes, he could just be saying that to say it

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  • he might just don't want to reject you directly.

  • I don't think h likes you, but you cna try and text him again.

  • Maybe he doesn't consider to be one of the people in his circle of friends at work. I think that he just wants to keep it work-related and nothing beyond. I think that he responded because he is not a rude person, maybe.


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