I thinks he's cute and cool but he has a reputation....what to do?

Okay so here is my Scorpio scenario...hanging with my cuzzo at one of our hang suites she introduces me to a male friend of hers. Handsome, tall, seems to be a cool guy. I can't remember if I danced with him for a sec or not that night but I know I had at a later time. Thing is months later...I've seen him on various occasions where he's flirted with me and has definitely given me the "Scorpion Stare".

So my cuzzo tells me that at some point prior to introducing us to each other they had a fling. Also with another associate that hangs out with us from time to time.

So words is from her...he's not the type that is looking for a relationship however if I felt comfortable with knowing they had once been together...getting my rocks off wasn't too back or complete waste of time. He also stated that he isn't interested in a relationship presently but continues to flirt.

Wellllll...for me that’s not an option...I'd rather be your friend and keep it that way. He and I did exchange numbers at one point in time, always remained cool, calm, and collective when we ran into each since then. He also share per our first convo that he had been with my cuzzo. I give them both brownie points for their honesty...I didn't live in the area when this took place plus they are both like 7-8 years older than me.

Anyway...he still is showing some kind of interest in me...asks me how my day is, what my plans are for the evening, etc. So do I sit back and watch to see what he's up to...do I risk the chance of him chasing me because I'm a challenge unlike the others then disappear? I mean what do you do when a man is as FINE as he is? By the way I'm an Aries!


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  • Well I don't put any weight on Astrology but I'd say based on what you said there is a good chance if you two get together it will be short term. Either start going to dinner movies ext. casually and see later if he wants a closed relationship or rethink your standards.


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  • it won't be a good idea to get involved with him if he's not looking for the same thing as you are.

  • even if he was FINE I woulndt pursue anyhitng with him.


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