Has anyone ever met a lover that you swore wasn't like the rest?

At first I didn't buy into it when she promised she would never hurt do some of the sh*t other females have done. As time went on I actually started to believe it because she seemed so in love and eventually I fell for her pretty hard. Well she ended up dumping me for someone else. We have a son together whom she won't let me see and then she made up a bunch of fake accusations in order to get a restraining order on me. I filed for a hearing on it and hired a lawyer who is going to hang her out to dry. I was informed that I should already be getting visitation with our son and so she has filed some paperwork so that I will get to see him regularly until after court is over. But anyway I can't help but think the reason things went down hill like they did is because I actually started showing I cared instead of being my usual don't give a fack self. Like I am getting back to normal and don't believe I will ever let a female convince me of what they really want Because females don't want what they think they want in my opinion. They want someone they feel gives them a challenge in holding their interest which is what I normally did in a way I guess without knowing it but it seems the second you let em know you really care they're outtie...lol I don't know it's confusing but I think I'm starting to figure em out honestly.


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  • no, she was just evil and I bet something else happened.


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  • that is very strange I wonder why she did that.

    • Well at first I thought she was just using my son to get to me because she got pregnant right after I met her but it's like if we can't be together she thinks whoever she's dating should be daddy lol I really don't know she's strange and she's a little mentally abusive because she was raised in a mentally abusive house it seems but I think it's more of her mom than her pushing her

  • Why would she get a restraining order on you.

    • Good question lol to try and make me look like a bad guy I'm guessing I really haven't the slightest idea

  • you make it seem like you didn't do anything wrong, but I bet you did something

    • No I honestly did not the only things I had done wrong were early in the relationship and I certainly didn't do anything to deserve all that.

    • If filing court papers in order to see my son is wrong then yea I did but I don't see that being wrong when every time she gets mad she keeps him from me and I never have had any time with just me and my youngest son hanging out and I have custody of my other son...

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