I miss this girl and I can't do anything

While I was with my (now ex) girlfriend, there was this girl. Nothing ever happened between me and her, but the girlfriend always thought something had or was going to happen.

After drunkenly texting this girl while me and the (now ex) girlfriend were on a break. Nothing happened. Nothing was going to.

Then after an argument with the girlfriend about it I stopped talking to the girl.

Now me and the ex aren't together. Reason being she wanted a break to meet up with this guy who liked her from work to...

anyway. I apologized to his girl tonight. And I thought it was going okay. Then she said she didn't want to rekindle a relationship. That she didn't care for an apology and the only people to talk to about the loss of friendship was to talk to the ex girlfriend (who was paranoid over nothing... I shoulda been the cheating *****) or look at myself...

I don't know what to do. she wants me to leave her alone but I can't stop thinking about her. She doesn't get that. She thinks the ex and me will get back together (over my dead body). What do I do? I can't stop thinking about her. I miss her as a friend and ... she was just there for me. I want to be there for her :'(

My stomach and heart hurt. My head is spinning and I don't know what to do... Any help?

Note I know that it is my fault me and this girl stopped talking, but shouldn't she understand it was trying to keep my girlfriend happy and not worry


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  • just leave her alone, she asked you too.


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  • I think you need to give this girl a few days to settle. And while you let her settle (and give her space) you sort your feelings out. You work through everything you feeling, write ie down and get it straight. And then you tell her. You tell her the truth and be as honest as you can. Right now she probably thinks she should protect herself from the drama between you and your ex.but once you give it time and you,re serious and intentional about it, she can then make a well thought out desicion.

  • just give her some space


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  • If she stopped talking to you, then you know that you can't get back with her anymore. The best you can do is to move on from her now.


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