My ex girlfriend has had a grudge on me for more than a year...

My ex girlfriend has had a grudge on me for more than a year,yea more than that.We had a huge fight,which was because she was jealous for no reason...Then I called her wh*re.I was fed up from all the things that she told me that night,i know that she didn't meant them,but still they were hurting...So it just exploded and I said it.I have apologized way too many times after that,but still she is holding on.She never apologized for the things she told me,nasty things and really sick some of them.We talk from time to time and she is flirty or cold depends.Havent talked to her for a while,so I hope she will forget it.

P.S I think she got hurt more because we were mad (in love) for each other,as I got hurt from her blame as well.
The question is:when she will get over it?its really annoying for me and awkward for your mutual friends to have to deal with it,its over a year.


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  • keep the no contact thing.


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  • Never know... sometimes, a girl NEVER gets over it. I still get mad when I think about something an ex told me and that was like 12 years ago. I lost contact with him years ago... but I still hate him.

    • Do you have feelings for him?This may be the reason.If you don't feel anything for some1 you just ignore it and you forget it as time pass!Thanks for your answer!

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    • She's not going to see it through your shoes. Yes, she was disrespectful to you. And she did it first. I get that. And yes, it's "her fault". But I'm just letting you know she's not Gona see it. All she sees is YOU disrespecting her in such a Hugh way, that it cancels out everything else

    • Yea I know and tbh this annoyes me the most :P But I can't do anything about it!So I will let it go...Thanks :)

  • just keep away from her

    • I am trying my best.Even thou it wasn't my fault in the first place.

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  • so what is your question?

    • hmm impossible to say. There is a saying that it takes as long to get over a relationship as the relationship lasted. but it really all depends. You probably should try to avoid contact with her so she can heal without the reminder of the fight and break up

    • Well,the saying from my experience isn't true :P (I am not trying to argue,just saying what I have seen).The fight happened after we broke up,even then she was jealous...A couple of years have passed since the break up and 16 months since that fight...I thought that maybe some1 had the same problem or a girl could give me an advice.And yea I avoid contact as much as I can.But sometimes we meet each other!Thanks anyway!

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