Copy-cat ex? Is he really just unoriginal or is there some other reason he's doing this?

Background info: My ex and I broke up 8 months ago and decided to stay friends after because he said to me that he needed time and maybe there would be something in the future. We both did dumb stuff in our relationship and didn't really get a chance to be with each other.

Well we hardly ever talked, but when we did I usually started the conversations and he would reply for awhile then not. So then we stopped talking except for on twitter, which we would both tweet each other flirtatious replies. I saw him about 2 months ago and got too nervous to say anything (which I think came off as being disinterested in him) so I started talking to him on Facebook, we only talked twice because he didn't reply after awhile and I didn't want to be the first to say anything again (we went back to flirtatious tweeting).

Info on my question: I noticed early on that when I would post about something on twitter he would post something really similar or about the same topic. This started up about a month after we broke up. An example is once I had posted about going running and he posted about going running the next day. There are many other examples and it still goes on. Yesterday I tweeted to him about being jealous he was going to a show I wanted to go to and he sent a flirtatious response, but I didn't have anything to reply. Well later I tweeted about going to the park and how a guy asked for my number there and how awkward that was, and him texting me late at night trying to set up a date, and then the next day my ex tweeted about why do girls give you their number if they never respond.

This has happened so many times that there is no way it's a coincidence.

So question: Is he really just unoriginal or is it some other reason he's doing this?
Oh yeah and not that this matters but his profile picture on twitter has been, for a very long time (6 months or more), a picture from my Facebook when we were dating and in the picture he was looking at me talking (the picture was only of him)

Sorry girl over-thinking.


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  • I think he's trying to get your attention and has feelings for you


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  • Gosh! Stop all the fb and twitting and talk to each other over a cup of hot chocolate or coffee! It would be nice for a change! Invite him if he's not man enough to, if he says no then block and delete him and move on babe! I think you look super hot so stop wasting your life over someone who might no longer care


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  • he is trying to get your attention


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