Can stress suspend the onset of menopause or menopause in general?

A 52 year old woman, who went through a traumatic divorce and suffered stress for two years, felt that she had entered or went through menopause since her period hadn't arrive in two years (she was fifty at the time of her divorce). She was declared in peri-menopause a couple of years before the divorce and suddenly after her husband left in March she stopped getting her period in April. However, she was never confirmed to be in menopause. Like I had previously mentioned, she went through a horrible divorce (where the mediator was unnecessarily cruel and rude towards her and even made snide comments about her daughter (as a side note she has a very passive character) plus the lawyer wasn't doing her job in other words not defending her at all; not to mention the man she was divorcing was verbally abusive everyday in the household). Aside from that, her ex husband's father threatened to take away the house and practically leave her with nothing. This cause a lot of stress to a mother that wanted the best for her child. So, after all that happened she stopped getting the period for two years. Now she is 52 and began having tender breasts (only) and a while passed and she got what she believes to be her period. However, her pad does not carry any trace of blood but sometimes she finds an average amount of blood when she wipes or spotting, but other times when she wipes there is no blood at all. Please keep in mind that she was never confirmed by a doctor that she was in menopause and she suffered a lot of stress those past two years. Could it be that her stress levels suspended the onset of menopause or menopause in general?


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  • consider her age she is on the verge of menopause. there are three stages of menopause; Peri-menopause stages ranges from age 35-45, menopause from 45-55 and post menopause from 55-65. Average of women to hot menopause is 51; stress or not she had to undergo it now. Its not the hormone level changes and age which causes menopause; stress also triggers an imbalance in the estrogen levels. this is the reason for lighter periods and within few months she'll completely stop her menstrual cycle.

    take her to a doctor; or use the herbal medications to get relief from the menopause symptoms.


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  • Sometimes even after the onset of menopause some stray spotting can occur. If she is concerned she should go get checked out. And probably best to if she hasn't been in two years anyway. Reproductive cancer knows no age.

  • yes, it stopped my moms menopause


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