Read description first! Can this be salvaged or have I failed and cannot recover? Help!!

I couldn't sleep that well last night because I had a fight with this former friend and I apparently wished death on him when his ex girlfriend confronted me (he had me that mad). She still loves him and they both are very rich and powerful. So out of retaliation I blocked them both on fb and we don't talk anymore. Now he says it's all my fault. He can't see through the past and see I changed from when I last saw him in person (5 months ago). Maybe I went too far. All I want to know is how can I fix this? I'm losing sleep.
I am just feeling really regretful. This is so depressing and sad. :( Not fair.


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  • you cant! what you said was really harsh, you showed your true colors

    • He pushed me too far what was I supposed to do?

    • Be the bigger person.

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  • ummmm...well wishing death on someone isn't cool but I don't see the big deal witb Facebook block . I guess it could be seen as a slap in the face. but ..well this is a lesson jn life for you: when you mess up, people might not forgive you, so keep all disagreementa clean and focused on the topic. apologize and respect it if he doesn't want to be friends anymore...then never stoop that low in future so you don't lose more friends. more forawrd dude, you can't always fix things

    • He is a stubborn dude but he means well. This just isn't fair. I try to be nice but he pushed me too far.

    • if he pushed you too far, why are you trying to save this friendship?!?! move on

  • it cant, you were horrible. just say you ar esorry and see if they will accept you either way.


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