Why would she tell me she was drunk and argued with her ex?

Earlier yesterday I teased her on her like for Australian TV shows and she replied 'Thanks for your advice x'

At the time she seemed a bit aloof so I replied 'No problem'. It took her 3 hours to reply back, but she was on a night out.

Carried on like this:

Her - Arsey as fack

Me - And what will you do about it

Her - Shut up

Me - You're not that bad

Her - I'm drunk and have argued with my ex... Please don't wind me up tonight

Then I realized I better not carry on acting the ass..

Me - Then I promise before you go to sleep tonight, you'll have a smile on your face instead

Her - Make it happen

Me - Knock knock

Her - Whose there xx

I carry the joke on an relate it to something funny she laughed at last time. (It involved me being naked at her door with an angry mob of her neighbours after me)

Her - Prove it x

Then I explain how I'd go about proving it in a jokey way

Her - ?

Me - What you dreaming about there?

Her - You, not being a twat

Then I tell her that it seems a decent dream and that I'm off for the night. She then replies with 'bye'.

This happened at 2-3am and were fairly quick replies.

It's odd because we've been flirting like crazy before this.

What I don't get is why she mentioned about arguing with her ex? Her last relationship was a good 3 years ago. I'm wondering whether I should give her some space and let her contact me to see if she's still interested.

Should I worry about her arguing drunk with her ex? She always goes on nights out with her girl mates but my gut tells me he might have been there. Even if he wasn't, she must have contacted him in some way if there was an argument.


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  • because she was drunk

    • Hmm, I texted her around 1pm today, 10 min after she was on twitter. Still no reply and it's been 4 hours since, says she was on Facebook chat an hour ago so most likely she's blanking me. No more effort from me anyway, up to her now

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  • I think you may be right about her not getting entirely over her ex. You might want to give her space; I hope she doesn't just think of you as a friend.

    • I told her straight that I'm not giving up trying to make her smile and I'm not having her think that I'm a tw*t either. Not had a reply for an hour, but I'll assume she's busy. It's up to her to get back to me otherwise I'll leave it.

      But anyway, that relationship with her ex was over 3 years ago. She hasn't seemed bothered about it since.

  • well it was all because of the alcohol

    • Hmm, I texted her about 1:15pm, 10 min after she was on twitter. I haven't had a text for over 12 hours, althought she did tweet her friend an hour after my text. She hasn't used twitter other than that which is odd as she usually uses it a lot. But still, it's taken her a day to reply on rare occasions so I'm not gonna bother contacting until she does. I feel like I'm throwing too much interest out there compared to hers

  • Normally when you have an argument with someone, you're not in a good mood, I think that's why she said it, probably she wasn't in the mood to joke around, I wouldn't look much into it, I don't think you should worry

    • Yeah, guess you're right. She seemed odd how she'd give me cold answers one minute, then one's with an X or two. I guess I didn't help acting aloof to her though. Only reason I did was because I thought she was being cold, but then again she probably didn't intend to when she replied to my "australian TV shows" joke as it doesn't always come across well over text.

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    • Yeah seemed a bit stupid sending it, oh well. I've said silly things before and she's dismissed them, then a couple of days later sends me a smiley or something random. Yeah, I'll let her get back to me. Is it best to make her wait when I reply like she is with me? Or just respond normally

    • Just respond normally ;)

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  • She mentioned it because it happened to her. Nothing more. I would put zero stock into the information and act no differently.


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