is he trying to get me back...?

We were kinda together with this guy a few months ago but everything sort of ended when we made out. He stopped talking to me for like a week but then eventually we got back in touch.

By this time evreything had changed and even though | still liked him I treated him as a friend.

So anyways we've been talking like friends for about four months now. We talk like once every two weeks and most times he's the one initiating contact. We'll normally talk for like three to four days cause we have diff schedules.

Problem is that in the last week he's become super duper nice. Like he'll call me sweetheart or dear or babe. Then he's been complimenting me a lot. Saying how I'm pretty, smart and sweet and some other stuff. Then he was like he misses me until it hurts. He was also joking about kissing me. I know I can always make him laugh while we talk. I just don't get it. Plus the fact that we can talk about stuff and I don't get bored is another thing. Most times I get bored talking to a guy within like an hour but we've been talking all week with him and so far I'm not bored.

Thing is I haven't seen him in like two months cause he's away on holiday but when he was in town a few weeks ago he tried to meet up but I couldn't make it then. I'll be seeing him in like a month so I don't know if that's another reason for why he was being really nice. To avoid looking bad and all when he gets back.

I kinda cut him off yesterday by sayin I'd talk to him later cause he was gettig to me too much. I'd started liking him back as more than a friend so I thought I needed a break from him. He didn't text back after seein that, I think he figured out what I was doing.

My question is does it sound like we're just firends or am I reading too much into it? My instincts are too biased to be of help at the moment :(


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  • well look for more signs and flirt when you see him.

    • I'll be sure to's to me hoping that he'll text me first, I really don't want to have to be the one this time.

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  • you're friends until proven otherwise really...just chill out and if you like him, go for it when you see him!

    • Wish I would've thought of that earlier...i'll be as chilled out as I can manage :)

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  • he hasn't really shown much about that

    • Guess I'm a pro at overanalyzing, huh? :D

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