Would you take care of your girlfriend as her second parent?

this girl I know is 18 (1994 baby) moved in the house with this 22 year old guy who will be 23 soon. the girl just graduated last year and moved straight in the guy house a few weeks after knowing him. she spends all her money on him and everything. at first she was living with her mom, and now her mom see her as moving in with him his responsibility. why do parents put this responsibility on guys now? the guy showed her how to drive, cook, take her driver test, take her ot work, help her find a job and etc...why do parents do this? her mom has a Facebook page and she talks like she's 18 years old with all the drama. but little do she know the guy is bound to leave her. her mom did not teach her ish.


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  • i don't think you realize that there are parents out there that shouldn't be parents. they don't teach their kids anything. lots of lousy parents out there


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  • would you take care of a guy with a similar situation?

  • No, I wouldn't like that responsibility.


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  • Her mom sounds like a deadbeat. Why else would she dump the responsibilities of a parent on to her daughters bf? She's too lazy to do those things herself.

    Parents should be parents. By the sounds of it though, this person was not meant to be a parent. She shouldn't have had a child if she wasn't willing to do her job properly.

    I don't know if their relationship is necessarily doomed. Maybe the boyfriend sees how crappy of a mom she has and wants to teach her.

    I personally feel sorry for the girl, because her mom should stand up and do her job. But some people are just dealt with crappy parents or situations in life. How we overcome those situations cause us to grow and become better people.

  • well because having a child doesn't make you a good mother. some people don't get the responsability a kid brings to them


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