This is my final plan!

The basics:

Together 3 1/2 years

She's 18 I'm 20

She left me over 3 months ago

1st month I begged stalked and cried

Haven't tried contacting her a lot. Maybe once every 3 weeks.

She unfriendly me on Facebook, but added me back right away. (Not sure how long we were I friended, but it couldn't be that long)

So my buddy wants to move to Tennessee ( we love in Wisconsin) we are going down in August to find a place. When we get back I'm going to write her a letter asking to see me one last time before I leave. I'm going to tell her ill be at a park by her house everyday for a week at 6pm and if she could come talk to me one night, that would be great.

I'm going to tell ask her straight up if there is any chance of us getting back together and if she thinks of me. I will tell her if there is a chance and she just needs more time, I will stay, if not, then I am moving, and hopefully she will come to my going away party. I need to see her one last time, so I won't spend the rest of my life wondering what if. I will prepare my self for total rejection, part of me expects her not to show up at all.

It's not a threat, I really am going to move down there after a graduate. Of course I hope she says she wants me to stay, but if not, then it's time for a big change. I can't be in a place where whenever I drive anywhere, there is always a memory of us.

My family has given me support on doing this, and a lot of older adults say they envy me being young and making a big change in my life. Any advice on anything would be greatly appreciated.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Moving to a new environment would make it easier to forget her, for one thing.

    I agree with your plan. Everyone needs closure in relationships.. So a little more begging and stalking is OK in my book. Otherwise, you'll always be wondering, 'What if I had said...?'

    • "a little more begging and stalking is OK in my book" ? give the worst answers ever dude...

    • I'm not going to beg or stalk. I will be fishing by her house . I'm going to ask her if there is a shot. I'm not going to beg her to come back. I fully expect her to tell me its completely over, but I won't be wondering.

    • Nothing wrong with begging and stalking a little, if you really miss someone and are sorry for the break-up. I mean, your plan would be called begging and stalking by a lot of people..but I support your idea all the way, regardless of what you want to call it..'fishing by her house', if you think that's a better way to say it, fine!

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What Girls Said 3

  • just move on dude

  • let her go, move on.

  • no, don't do it, just move on


What Guys Said 2

  • my advice would be to NOT do this and simply move guys ended your relationship for a reason. Start being somewhat of a man and move on. You're putting way too much pressure on her to be the reason you're happy...

    • Hey King, how about sticking to your own answers and not trolling other people's ok?

  • Move on. It's not worth it.


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