GUYS: have you ever acted distanced with your girlfriend after a fight?

so my boyfriend is a really nice guy. he's never ignored me for days and when we would argue, he would run to pick me up and solve it

recently, all our arguments and the things that bothered him piled up and he started being distanced for 2 weeks. he used to write me paragraphs and call and see me 4 times a week. it never died down in the year we were together. he was always just as into it as the first day.

i apologized for the things that I said that hurt him but he seems hot and cold. one moment he says he can't live without me and the next he tells me when were apart he's mad and therefore doesn't want to see me. we have not had a normal date in a month and the reason we've seen each other is because I pushed it. I've been telling him how much I love him and how sorry I am and hell tell me things like "i love you more than life itself" at times but he goes back to being cold.

i told him we might need space a week ago because I felt he needed time away from me but he texted me the very next morning saying he loved me. two days ago at night he finally opened up to me and told me how he missed us after I told him I did. when I asked how to fix it he said idk. I asked to see him but he said he was busy & that I was stressing him out. I said OK and that he can text me when he actually wants to solve it.. he said "wtf is your prob" and I never responded.

the next day he texted at 6 saying how I wanted to solve it and I said we should sit down and talk and he said we tried and it didn't work. I told him I did enough and it was up to him if he wanted to be with me and I wouldn't force him to do anything

he slept so no responce yet BUT the thing is, when I don't text him, he comes back and I know its because he misses me..but then he doesn't want to solve it and be back to US again. I don't get what he wants or what I should do any more.

my friend says he cares but he is just fed up with the fights and needs space

my boyfriend never wants space from me and hates it but I think he does need it..what to do?
GUYS: have you ever acted distanced with your girlfriend after a fight?
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