I love this girl who's 4 years older than me, and she loves me back, but she says she's too old for me

I've need of an older woman's opinion: Is she too old for me?

I have never met anyone as lovely as her, and I am tormented. She says she likes me back, but it seems like she is not telling me something. How can I convince her that she is beautiful, intriguing, unique, and all around perfect! TO ME! She says it would be weird if we got together, as I'm 4 years younger than her. I always answer "So?" I've told her time and time again that she is the lady of my dreams, but she doesn't want to hear it.

I also tell her that age is just a number. Again, she doesn't want to hear it.

She says it's sweet of me to tell her all this, but she still says I'm she is too old for me.


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  • When you are your age, 4 years can be a big difference. If you're say, 23 and she's 27, not a big difference.

    • She says she's getting married in her 20s, but I guess you are right.

    • but like I said before: Age is just a number

    • but like I said before, age is just a number

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  • i don't think ahe should be important in love

  • i think that you should respect her opinion

  • yes she is. if she already thinks that she won't change her mind.


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