Confused by his actions towards me.

This past weekend I saw my ex out with a few friends. We see each other occasionally, but this was the most interaction in the last year and a ½ since we broke up then.

It was awkward at first because He had some girl with him, kept making out with her, and acting all into her right in front of me. It was some random girl so I wasn't too worried.

During the night, My ex kept looking at me, making comments about things from our past and doing things he used to do when we were dating. Certain songs about your past and future relationships, love finding you again, that kind of thing, were played and we would both would look at each other then turn away.

He kept tapping my nose, putting his hands in my face till I would take my hand and move his, even poking me in the stomach. There were times when he was standing in front of me by himself and I would pinch his back, yes flitatiously, but ahe would move towards me not seeming to mind, usually he bolts away asap because he doesn't want to be near me.

We had a good relationship but broke up because he was stressed with work and home; the relationship was easiest to sacrifice. He said he didn't want to put me through it and it wouldn't be fair to me.

I'm stuck on how I should feel/ think about all this. I don't want to read too far in to anything either. But it's hard not to.

Any thoughts or comments would be great!

Thanks for the time spent reading this.


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  • he just wants to spend time with somebody who he shared meaningful time with

  • i think he just liked to remember how things were,


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