Can disassociation and distance actually be right where you want to be with a potential mate?

If you tell someone how you feel and try dating them, only for them not to be interested and things get to the point where the both of you stop talking to each other all together, with absolutely no contact, and cut ties, could this actually be a good thing in possibly getting together with them father down the road, even years in the future?

How do you think back and reflect on someone that was just trying to be there for you and it ultimately led to complete disassociation? It's honestly a pretty sh*tty reason to stop talking to someone. Across a wide area of contacts and friends and acquaintances, there are these very few people that we must break ties with because of feelings of love and affection.

It makes you wonder how the other person reflects and looks back on you. They would have to from time to time you would think.


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  • no, I think the relationship should be somewhat strong and have a good bond before it becomes a LDR

    • Not so much physical distance as opposed to just keeping your distance.

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  • I don't think so. Distance can make a relationship stronger but it really depends on the personalities of the parties involved...

  • i don't think so

    • So them having known that there was a time that you wanted to give it your all for them, isn't good, or even something they'd even give much thought?

  • I don't think so, I don't belive that absence makes the heart gro fonder

    • It's not even that exactly, more like thinking back, "why did I never give that girl/guy a chance?"

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