My boyfriend's ex keeps texting him? my boyfriend and his ex broke up for a numerous reasons more than a year ago. she's the type of girl to be jealous about anything...even me? I see that she keeps texting him and texts him every time she sees him out somewhere...I not only don't think that she's kinda stalking him but is still clinged on to him. They have dated for 2 years BUT it seems she will just not get over him even though she has been in another relationship (that didn't work out). Everyone keeps telling me to tell him to block her number and everything but she still has ways to contact him (like when she sees him somewhere). Is there a way I or he can make this stop? I don't have much intentions to speak to her because she already is jealous of me? Help!
I meant to put in that he isn't texting her back ^^


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  • Shes inlove with him.

    Clearly this guy got you, while he still had her. So they didn't have a proper break up.

    How do you know he's not replying? he could be deleting his end of the text msgs. rofl (probably not the case but you never know)

    Anyways. You can't really say anything to her. I don't think she's jealous of you, more so I'm sure she wants to hurt you. (physically)

    If you did take this guy while he had her, just know that your robbing someone of their love. And no its not a "whatever sh*t happens" kinda look on things. Its more of a, how would you like it if he did that to you? Which I'm pretty sure he probably will do if he left her for you. (shows he can't be alone, and when he's read to go, he will)

    If they had a proper break, she wouldn't be calling him to this day. But for the fact that he jumped to you, which is what I'm guessing, and I'm more then 100% sure that he did. Then this is the outcome you get. Because he couldn't be the mature one and give her proper reasoning as to why and time to heal on both ends.

    You will honestly just need to deal with it, until she gives up. That's what I mean by time to heal. She's still in the "chasing" phase of the breakup. Which he did not give her.


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  • well is your boyfriend even responding to her?


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  • Well, what is your boyfriend saying to her? Is he just going along with it and replying to her texts?

    He needs to make it clear that he no longer wants contact with her.

    I don't think he's doing this which is why she feels the need to keep texting him.

    If he makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her, I'm sure she will stop.

    If not, he needs to let her know that he will get the police involved if she keeps doing this,

    because it is harassment.

    • He hasn't said anything he just ignores it

  • Why the hell are they running into each other that often? I mean sh*t, when my ex and I broke up we saw each other a total of 2 times in 3 months and we went to the same small university and lived across the street from each other. That's not normal. Also, you're looking at this the wrong way. You want to know why she's texting him. Guess what, she doesn't give two sh*ts about you, nor should she, she has no ties to you. What you SHOULD be worried about is why is HE texting HER. He's the one that's supposed to care about you.

    • Hes not texting her. He ignores them

    • Well that's good, at least that should give you a little bit more security. I think you need to talk this through with him and come up with a solution. If it were me? I would tell him to block her. If he didn't want to do that to spare her feelings then make it so freaking awkward that she won't want to stick around. The three of you sit down together and have a chat (be super nice) she'll feel so weird it'll probably stop.

    • Thanks :)

  • just don't care about it

  • well if he's not replying don't worry. but you could ask him to block her number.

  • i wouldn't put up with that, he shouldn't be texting her

    • He doesn't. She texts him.

    • he should be texting back you just don't know about it

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