Why do I keep saying this my ex bf's name?

Hi everyone. I had a boyfriend for three months last year. We knew each other 6 years ago as acquinatances but we stopped all communications for whatever reasons for all these years until 2012 when we reconnected and decided to talk eventually leading up to the three month relationship. We eventually stopped the relationship after three months and just moved on.

I felt like he was bsing me about wanting to come see me. Next thing I know I find us playing stupid mind games where If I take an hour to respond, he takes two hours, then I take three hours etc. So moving on was the best.

Now after we ended, from time to time for the past year he would text me "hey what's up"..I answer, but the convo is short.

I am completely over this guy! It's been a year and I've moved on. But for some odd reason, his name keeps coming out my mouth ALL THE TIME! I could be at work, busy as hell and when I call out for a coworker, his name comes out! I'm with female friends, and I end up calling them by his name! I call my current love interest by my ex name but thank God, I caught that on time before I completely say his name out! Etc etc. All these are times when I'm usually distracted so I am not thinking of him.

Why do I keep saying this idiots name?
We are both 21 years old by the way.


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  • I call people by the wrong name all the time but not consistently the same one. This is rather strange. I'm not inclined to think that it somehow means you have feelings for him. Be really careful not to say it to your love interest! You might want to get into the habit of using a pet name with him.


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  • well I think you still have feelings for your ex.

  • you are not over him at all

  • because you haven't really gotten over him


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