I need some help please!

I met a great guy Memorial Day weekend. However, with my luck, he is going through a divorce. He lives next door to my friend, and everyone said what a great guy he is. His wife left him, thought the grass was greener, and is now regretting. They have been separated for a year, and have two boys. He says he is not going back. We ended up sitting out on his back porch after the party until 4:00am grilling and talking. It was a great night!

The next time I saw him, we got together with my friend and her husband and had an awesome time. We both had a lot to drink, went back to his house, and had awesome sex! He is the first guy in a while that I was with and did not think about my ex. He said we didn't have to have sex, however, I wanted him badly, and well, it happened. Chemistry was amazing!

There was a period of down time, but then last week, we were talking everyday on the phone and texting. We were getting to know each other better, and he even said he would let his guard down and not stop something great from happening. Then the weekend came, and boom, no word from him at all. He didn't respond to my texts or calls. I had no idea what just happened.

He finally responded back that he had a bad weekend with the ex and the boys, and just shut down. I told him all he had to do was text and say so, but he made me feel like I did something wrong. Now all of a sudden I am in the friend zone. He says his priorities right now are his kids, him, and work. No room for me right now. He says to not feel bad, that he doesn't want anyone right now. Not even sex.

Ok, so do I even stand a chance at all? Do you think he is getting really scared of his feelings for me, and trying to keep them at bay? He is still texting me, etc. We have so much in common, and the chemistry is undeniable.


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  • The fact he still texting is a good sign which means he still has a intrest. However don't make your self to available. Do give him his personal space, seperation can be a big thing for a guy at times. So do a hi and hello later, but make sure to pick your battles carefully ;)


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  • well I think he's definitely interested in you but will obviously feel weird or need time becasue of the divorce.


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