I messaged my ex girlfriend this on Facebook. Do you think it was a good thing?


Hope you had a good 4th

Yesterday at 12:47pm


Yeah, you?

Yesterday at 6:13pm · Sent from Messenger


It was good. Drank some booze, made a pallet bonfire, sang karaoke at Tailgaters and watched a movie. The night was young!

Yesterday at 7:19pm


As much as I hate saying this but not at the same time, "I am glad you are happy" I wanted to tell you a while back but wasn't ready. I just wanted to be truthful in what I say with no mixed feelings involved in what I say that to you.

5 hours ago


I'm glad you had a good time! Are you trying to say you hate saying that you're "glad I'm happy?" Hmmm haha

3 hours ago · Sent from Messenger


Haha sometimes l

Lol its just a selfish part of me

3 hours ago
I messaged her again and I said, "what I am saying is that I am happy for you but it came out wrong"

Then she said, "Well, thank you. I hope you are happy too"

Then I said, "so far, yes :)"

Then I sent her my YouTube link

And the next day she wrote,

"I don't really care for your self-promotion. Thank you!"

I was gonna say something extremely rude back but I am 30 and I am tired of arguing with people online. It doesn't get me anywhere.

So I just said, "ok" and that was it.


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  • I think you are an ass, what was the point of it?

    • Jesus. I was trying to say iam happy for her

    • Thanks Lauren

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  • Yeah, a great thing for her. Girls love it whenever their exes hate the fact that they're happy. It makes them feel accomplished, and it just makes you look stupid.

    • Why are humans so weird?

  • i think it was creepy

    • You would be amazed how many women where I live with make exceptions to creepy guy.

  • how would it be a good thing? that was pretty mean.


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