Is he interested in me?

Just last month, we started hanging out with some family friends and I met this new guy . I think he is pretty cute. He use to never talk to me the first two times we met. I think maybe it's cause he is shy. I started teasing him in front of my brothers and his sisters In a joking type of way. He use to not say anything and just smile. Now he has started teasing me back with my brothers. My brothers joke in an a**hole type of way . But when he jokes, he is bring friendly with me. He jokes differently than my brothers. He is also nicer to me than my brothers. He rarely talks to me but when he does, he is friendly towards me. We were playing tag the other day , and he kept tagging me and I kept tagging him back. (I'm 20, he is 17). My brothers are 16 and 17. And the guy I like , his sisters are 18 and 16. We were all playing tag together as a group. I have a childish personality , and I'm short for my age and I also look young for my age . That's why I get along easily with teens and what not. One time I was talking to him and he kept smiling and nodding , he didn't reply. I don't think he was paying attention to what I was saying but he was looking really deeply into my eyes when he was smiling. But now he has become more confident around me. He also complimented on my speech that I gave on stage and that was after I told him that he looked good. So here is my question, is he just a friendly guy? Or is he interested?


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  • he sounds friendly, not interested

    • Oh okay thanks :)

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    • But I wanntt him to Like meee, he is a good guy. I want him before he turns into a jerk looll

    • why would he turn into a jerk? well you could tell him you like him, see what he says

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  • just firnedly.

  • he is friendly


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