Talking to my ex again, why's he taking so long to make the next move?

Dated this guy several years ago for like six months. He didn't want to get serious at the time (fresh out of a relationship), I got impatient and cut ties so I could move on.

Fast forward to now. He has kept in touch. Now I have a kid, I'm single. Recently he msgs me to say we should get together, he'd like to meet my kid (I was thinking as a friend, that's okay). I say, okay, call me. He hasn't called after two weeks still.

After I got the idea in my head that he would call, I went from thinking it would be great to see my old friend again to I wonder if there's still something MORE there.

I havn't said anything since, I don't want to rush him. ANy guys out there have some idea of what's going on here? Is he panicking? Doesn't care? Getting his head straight? Met someone?

I guess any of it's possible, just want to know if there's anyne with a similar experience who can give me some insight.
I waited. He called. :)

We had a wonderful conversation, flowed like it always has. Getting together tomorrow or next week.

He may just be thinking "friends," but we'll see how the connection goes in person.

Thanks for all your insight ppl!


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  • Well let him come to you, don't do anything right now. The react to how he acts honestly


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  • If he is interested, show mutual interest or he'll just feel like you don't care. Don't be like every other girl out there and think that just waiting solves everything.

    • I told him I miss his company and gave him my number. Doesn't that show mutual interest? Or should I say something more since it's been a couple of weeks?

    • It means he is most likely not interested. You can try again but I doubt anything will happen.

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  • maybe he is not sure about his feelings


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