Did he lose interest or should I make a move?

There's this guy I work with over the summer. I just met him this summer, and started flirting right away. We started off by touching each other a lot, like hugging and giving back massages. One night I gave him my number and he texted me the next morning, he ended up telling me I give good massages and asked if I liked his. I texted him another morning, but we haven't texted since. We still hug when we see each other at work, but he hasn't made a move. I said something about going out after work but he said he was just going home to sleep. Did he lose interest or is he waiting for me to make a move?


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  • well just text him.

    • A friend told me that since I was the last person to text between us, I should wait for him to text me. I don't want to chase after him if he's not interested, so are you saying that he is probably still interested just not willing to make the next move?

    • well that's a good idea.

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  • I would think he lost interest, but you don't have anything to lose, text him

  • just try to flirt more


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