Boyfriend taking a break from talking/hanging out, read this conversation please!

My boyfriend and I of a year are taking a break from seeing or talking to each other. We aren't breaking up/seeing other people yet but we are not going to talk for a bit... basically he realized we were spending way too much time together and he was getting annoyed at me for every little thing, but he didn't tell me or talk to me about it ever. He just let it build up until he felt this huge rush of irritation... We took a break for one week, he came to me and missed me, then after hanging out for a few days he said he needed more time. This is our conversation about needing more time. Please help me interpret from his end - if he was over me he would have just dumped me. I'm very confused about what happens next. HELP!

Him: I've never had to deal with this stuff. Ever. I've talked everyone about what to do. They're all telling me different sh*t. I've been trying to come up with an answer on my own but I am torn. Maybe you know maybe you don't know but I'm the most indecisive person you know

Me: I know. I've been feeling it. One day you miss me and the next day you don't. I get that you need to think and figure stuff out, but I just need to be a little more in the loop... it's really hard emotionally for me when you are hot and cold. like if you don't wanna talk or hang out for a bit that's fine, just warn me. I am a patient person and I will wait for you to get it together as long as you're honest with me

Ola: I just need time. Just bear with me here

Me: I am bearing with you. If I wasn't I would already be gone. I just don't know what you want from me, like should I leave you alone or not?

Him: I feel like sh*t saying it but yes. That sounds really mean but that's not how I mean it

Me: Okay. I'll leave you alone. But you need to realize that it still hurts me.. so please don't come back to me until you're ready to not hurt me anymore

Him: You're making me f***ing cry right now I feel so bad. I'm so sorry okay I just had to be honest! I'm sorry my intention was never to hurt you. It was to let you know about my emotional conflict. This is about as honest as I've been with anyone

Me: I know you didn't mean to hurt me. And I'm glad you're being honest. I just wish you could tell me how much time it's going to take you to figure things out. Days? Weeks? More? have absolutely no idea when I'll see you again

Him: Trust me it won't be more than a week or two. I really care for you but I don't want that feeling of annoyance to come back like before. It was bad.. it was scary

Me: It really freaks me out that it got that bad and you didn't tell me.. if we are ever gonna be together you need to get over your fear of opening up and just talk to me. Kinda like you are now, except it took you a year... Don't be so guarded. It's okay to hurt me sometimes. Anyways I just wanted to say that but I'll leave you alone now

Him: Don't worry, I will. In good time


Please give advice!


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  • just give him some time. you have to respect his decision.

    • do you think space will help? I'm just scared I'm gonna wait around for two weeks and then he'll come and say he doesn't want me

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