I need some other people's thought on what is going on in my life, what do I do?

Ok, so about three months ago my ex-fiancee split after being together after over two years of being together. I had to move back to my hometown to my parents house. I was living right outside alpharetta. I want to move back, but I do not have any money saved because it took me two months to find a job here, and now I am only getting 20hrs a week.

My old store manager called me tonight offering my job back. Like I said I don't have money saved or a place to stay. If I take the job I would be moving back to the town I used to live in. I know if I move back it would only take like 2 weeks before she knows I am back in town and start torturing me. She still tries to now over Facebook and texts but I try my best to ignore her.

If I take the job I would be without a roof over my head for a couple of weeks til I find a place to stay. I want to move because I will be graduting in about six months and where I live now gives me no opportunities. If I move back to the atl area I will have lots more opportunities.

To be honest a part of my wants to move back to see her, but she cheated on me and I know I don't need to even put myself in that situation again.

I just don't know what to do. My parents live in a small south Ga town. I am majoring in computer forensics. I just don't know what to do with my life anymore. I have been trying to make a plan for myself since our split, but I can never make up my mind or make a choice anymore. Before I was good at planning my future I was trying to build our life together.

I jsut still feel lost and like I'm just floating even after three months.


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  • i would take the job.


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  • Take the job! It will be a step in the right direction -- with the steady reliable income it will be easier to find a place to live, and as you mentioned, the area will open you up to more opportunities later on.

  • just take the job and don't care about her anymore


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