Boyfriend has folders in his email under both of his ex gf’s first names

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year. He has one child from a previous relationship in which he was engaged. They were together for 7 years.

Last night, my boyfriend asked me to come help him decide if an email he got was from a legit company because they had all of his information and it did look kind of fishy. As I was looking at this email, I noticed on the side he had several folders saved.

A couple were business contacts – but two stood out. One was in his ex girlfriend who he has a child with’s name – just her first name. The other was a woman he had dated for several years before the ex he has a child with, again saved in just her first name. This ex’s name was very familiar to me because it seems to be one he brings up every once in awhile with past stories/experiences. They moved out of the province together, I think he was in his late teens/early twenties when they dated. She now is married and has a child with another man.

When I asked what that was about, he said for exgf1 – it was just stuff his kid did at school, stuff related to his kid etc. For exgf2 – he said jokes and “forward emails” that people pass around. That didn’t make sense to me.. why wouldn’t he just save it under “jokes”?

Should I be concerned? Do I have a right to see inside those folders? He said I could look but I didn’t want to at the time because his kid was right there and didn’t want us to get into an argument in front of him.

But now, if I do look, I’ll never know if he deleted certain things from those folders.


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  • You DO have the right to see what's in there. I can't understand how guys hide things from their girlfriend pretending that it's private. When you are in a relationship the other person has the right to know everything about you. And why hide things when you are in a relationship. I'm sure he is honest about it though but you can check only so as to stop having doubts.

    • no they don't. people should be alloud to have secrets even in a relationship.

    • Yeah, that's why they break up easily. I've been maintaining my relationship without any secret for 4 years and it's great. He is also my best friend and it's the same for him that's why we tell each other everything. That's what many relationships lack.

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  • You should not be concerned. You do not have the right to go through his mail. You're being paranoid.

    • I agree. also if I was him I would defnatly yell at you for looking through my private stuff

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    • I understand that. That's actually why the reason I consider you being paranoid; he said "Go ahead", but there's a distinct difference between having the "right" to go through his things and being invited to view them. If you asked "Should I look?" I'd say "Yeah, it's a good idea."

    • Let me restated that: "Should I look after I get his permission?" > "Yeah, it's a good idea."

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  • he might just want to have them as memories.

  • i wouldn't care about it


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