We are on a break from hanging out, good or bad for relationship?

My boyfriend of one year said he needed time apart from me... he felt suffocated that we were hanging out all the time and he said he was getting easily irritated with little things I was doing, and he knew it was because we were spending way too much time together and it wasn't special anymore.

So, he said he wanted to spend a few weeks apart. Not dating other people, just not hanging out with each other. So I left him alone, went completely silent, and he came to me after five days.

He said he really missed me and realized how much he did love me and want to be with me, but that we needed to ease back in slowly on spending time together. So we moved really slow for like a week, texting every day but only actually seeing each other twice.

Then, he said he thinks we started hanging out too soon and that he needed a little MORE time to figure out what he wanted from our relationship. I told him I would give him his time.

He is basically terrified of getting those feelings of resentment and annoyance back, and thinks that staying apart as long as possible will make it so he forgets all of that stuff, misses me uncontrollably and has a "crazy desire to see me again"..

I have no idea what to think... I know he really does want to be with me and he wants those feelings of passion and intense love and needing me to come back, and to avoid ever getting to that point of annoyance again...

Do you think taking these few weeks apart is a good solution? Do breaks like this ever benefit a relationship? I miss him like crazy and mutual friends have told me that he misses me too, and he just needs some time to release all the negativity and remember all the reasons he loves me.

Be honest... do you think my relationship is doomed?


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  • It sounds like he is just trying to figure things out, I don't see much wrong with that. I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year and we tend to give each other our space here and there. The benefit always turns out okay. We're only human, sometimes we just need time to think. Guessing by your age range, I wouldn't worry to much, your young, it's the best time to figure that stuff out. Only time will tell if your relationship is meant to be but their is no need to rush. You have a whole journey ahead of you to fulfill in life and I'd hope you'd want to think it through try to take it day by day and do things right the best you can. Hope this helps.

    Also, try to focus on yourself in a positive light. The best way to achieve a healthy relationship is to achieve one with yourself. Try to enjoy it not find the negative.


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  • i don't think you guys are doomed

  • i don't think you are doomed based on what you wrote.


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