Kinda confused...Am I missing something here?

So here's the story...I dated this ex army guy 8 years ago on and off for around 2 years...We never made anything official with us and the sexual attraction was always really strong...We couldn't really keep away from each other even when we said we were going to stop seeing each other... I finally met my ex of 5 years when Things were slowing down with him and I and I left him...Fast forward to now we both are single and have recently reconnected but I Live in CA and he lives in London now...He has said he misses my company on several occasions and tonight I was joking with him about being a man whore- he says "I was always faithful to you" that threw me off thinking back now because I wanted a relationship with him and he never committed so I found it with someone else at the time. does he think of me as a former gf?..WHen I left him to he said "you will be back" does he possibly really care about me more than just the sex? he's non chollantly invited me to the uk too and when he comes home to the states in December we have already talked about meeting up...


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  • well he meant that even if you werent a relationship in all senses he still only saw you and didn't get with other gitls. so yeah he had feelings for you


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