fun romantic date ideas to win girl back

My ex and I were together for 5 years until we split 6-7 weeks ago, and now we're already on the path to getting back together. she seems super in love with me still and has been spending time with me lately, openly considering getting back together, which has me the happiest guy in the world. she wants me to plan a fun romantic date to take her on Sunday night...

my best idea, in my opinion, was to get a nice hotel for the night, set it up with rose petals and her favorite bottle of wine, order whatever room service she wants and give her a massage or go swimming or whatever she wanted.. but maybe it's a bit too forward? other half of me feels that since we were discussing getting engaged before the split, it isn't like a typical dating situation.

i'm looking for some feedback on my idea and some other quality ideas I could use


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  • i think the date idea you have is too forward take her to a fair or an amusment park

    • forward with a girl I was engaged to until a few weeks ago? I am pretty sure our dating scale is different

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