Why has he gone from pretending I don't exist to stalker mode?

So after my break-up with my ex, for 2 months that man acted like I didn't even exist and ignored my 3 attempts at a conversation. I eventually counted my losses and walked away. After I stopped bothering to waste my time, he unblocked me off Facebook. Now this annoyed me. What? Mad I stopped chasing?

Any matter, I decided that it was time to attempt to "turn the tables" on my ex after his little egotistical pride fest. I sent him an email that was very sweet and made it where he had no obligation to answer. I basically told him that this was a good learning experience for me and that I grew from this and I hope he was enjoying everyday of his life and was smiling. I then THANKED him for the wonderful time we had together and that I hoped he was happy and that I wished him the best. Basically, I told him subtly that I accepted our break up and I had moved on and stopped my attempts of winning his heart back.

After this email was sent, he blocked me again to no surprise but then the stalking began. Fake accounts were being made in his name days after the email, a fake account even tried adding me a few times. All these advances I immediately blocked. I now no longer have my Facebook so I am not sure if he is asking around for me but I know he is now unable to keep tabs.

Now my question is, did I just open his eyes and make him realize I was done and now I have him panicked and he is afraid of losing me? Or is he just a narcissist that wants to keep tabs? I pretty much hid from the internet "world" because it leaves him with only two options. Communication or walking away. I don't want to play his little games anymore and I think he now sees it.


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  • Yes, you've made him make a choice. Good for you. He has to decide if he's really interested in you, or just curious!

    He probably didn't know the answer himself until you cut off internet access. He was probably just being curious what you'd do after the break up, and your message, as you said, told him you weren't going to wait around for him to initiate contact.

    Now he can't satisfy his curiosity except by making a sincere effort to make up for ignoring you.

    Let's see what happens!

    • Thank you for your input marty :] I am deep down hoping he will overcome this and make contact.. I guess the waiting game has begun :)

    • You've done all you could do without looking eager to get back together..so yes, all you can do is wait!

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  • the dude is just messing with you, he should make up his mind before even doing anything

    • Sigh. I don't want to be "messed with" If he wants to move on, he should move on, if he wants to talk he should talk. This is such childish behavior.

What Girls Said 3

  • because guys are weird like that

    • That didn't quite answer my question haha

  • he obviously hasn't made up his mind about his feelings towards you

    • That one I kind of noticed haha.. :P I guess I really did take him for a spin. Now the waiting game I guess!

  • i think he still has feelings for you, he hasn't moved on.

    • Yet he won't speak to me. God what a child.

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