Any insights on why he still want to hang out after my jealous outburst?

This is a little long so pls bear with me. When my guy buddy told me he was thinking of getting back with his ex, I got a little 'crazy' in his words. I said some things which kinda made me sound jealous. I was because I fell for him and I am so attached to his presence. So for a couple of weeks after that conversation which I am sure now he knows I like him more than as a friend, we didn't really meet up or talk. I thought it's best I move on since I think he don't feel the same and I think he also gave me that space because I might have scared him a little/made things weird between us. I missed him like crazy those couple of weeks. I know he checks my FB so I posted pictures that hinted I am having a good time despite my heartache. Funny thing was he didn't see much updates so he asked accusingly if I blocked him. OK, basically, we're back to talking like normal and I still want us to stay friends. I said I didn't go crazy and why would I wanna block him. We're back to our usual routine of working out and having dinner together. He don't believe that exes should get back together so when I reminded him of this, he admitted he was considering getting back with her because he was sort of swayed by something she offered to get him. If you were in his shoes, your best friend went weird on you for considering getting back with your ex, you'd know for sure she/he likes you isn't it? Would you still want to hang out with her/him? I am still moving on and it's hard but I'm not cutting him off anymore because I find that I am less sad when I hear from him. I know I cannot expect anything but I'm still curious to know what he's thinking. He has other friends to hang out with so it can't just be because we're such awesome friends that he still want to hang out with me after my outburst. I'm a little embarassed to bring it up. Plus he teased me about going crazy. Any insights on whether there's more to him wanting to still meet me and make plans with me? We have a fund raising dinner to attend this weekend and he's already said he'd like to go together and after we could go for a drink, just two of us. He had something on that night supposedly but he rearranged his schedule for this dinner.


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  • "your best friend went weird on you for considering getting back with your ex, you'd know for sure she/he likes you isn't it?"

    Yes, I'd know for sure she/he likes me.

    " Would you still want to hang out with her/him?"

    Would I like to hang out with someone who likes me? Yes.

    " I know I cannot expect anything"

    I don't understand why you conclude this.

    "Any insights on whether there's more to him wanting to still meet me and make plans with me?"

    He has concluded you like him. That is very attractive. He likes you, knows you like him, sounds to me like he's closing in, like forecast is for seduction, with a probability of teasing. I would say "Go confident into that seduction, young lady, he likes you a lot."

    • Wow. Thanks for answering all my questions. Appreciate it. I dare not expect anything because I'm afraid I'd be hurt that bad again. The fact he even considered getting back with his ex blew me off. Also, I think he still like the idea of fooling around. He wouldn't have even told me about his ex if I hadn't said I feel he's different. So you don't think it's just because he likes being with me cause we are good friends? I'm a little wary but if there is a chance of us being together, I'd grab it.

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    • If you don't mind, I do have another question. There's a mutual friend of ours who also obviously like him. He don't hang out with her as much as he does with me and he's told me before she's friend zoned. This is the first week we hang out like normal again, meeting 3-4 times, after my outburst 2 weeks ago. Do you think I have a better chance considering he like being around me and not be completely friend zoned? Of course I'm asking if its you as him in this case, what's on your mind?

    • We had dinner together after our work out together today. He asked me to pick him up for a dinner our other friend invited us to. He asked if she also requested to be picked up and when I said no, he looked happy. I asked what if she ask? He said just tell her I'm going with him and she won't ask anymore. He also planned on us going for drinks after the dinner, just two of us. I'm kinda wary but hopeful and very confused. Is this another feel good time for him cause he know now I like him?

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  • yes, he wants to because of your feelings for him and wha tit means.

  • i think that even after a jealoous fit your friend would still like to be around you


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