Boyfriend keeps changing his mind. What should I do?

we had been together nearly 2 years. we had a one month break not long ago. things werent working we both exploded and needed it wasn't talked about just happened. somehow we got back together. we both told each other we hadn't done anything bad or unfaithful. he said he had added a few girls on Facebook but deleted them. we both keep our friends lists private on fbck. and now we Haven't re added each other on it. he won't let me see it now because he says I go psycho over every little thing and why can't he have a female on there (which is true I do get insanely jealous but its partially due to the fact I rarely see him and don't feel like I know what he does most of the time).

we had only been together again for 2 weeks but we both seemed to want to make it work. I deleted so many guys off my fcbk I was really committing 100 percent to him. I realized I really want this to work and my love for him grew so much in that 2 weeks I felt re bonded again. then all of a sudden last night I found out he hadn't deleted this girl he added she isn't a random girl someone he knew but still I had always been insanely jealous of her. I am PMsing so probably overeacted but it started a huge blow up at him over phone. I then went over the next day and he didn't want to see me saying I was crazy he can't do this. he was so cruel. I felt such heartache. he always knew I was like this. why would he get back with me considering he was the one who initiated it to make me fall for him again to do this to me. I am in so much pain right now. I don't trust him with my heart anymore and yet a twisted part of me wants him back.

also nothing seems to be up for discussion like a few days ago he was bluntly like no I'm not showing you Facebook your psycho I shouldn't have to show u. and he is going vegas next year a bachelor party and I'm supposed to just be OK with it. he was like I'm going and that is just bad luck if you don't like it.


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  • if I were you I would give him some time to decide whether he wants to be with me or not


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  • I would stolp talking to him until he's sure he wants you and gives everythi g


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