Is my boyfriend really over his Baby mama?

I have been dating this guy for 2 months we say I love you I know its a bit early but we had a connecton when we first met. He has an 8 month old daughter that he has not seen in 6 months, this is his on;y child and the baby mama took her away and moved to Mexico... now he has not been with the baby mama in6 months but has been in another relationship before me, when we first started hanging out he was helping me with my boyfriend at the time and I was trying to help him with the baby mama he was still telling her that he loved her and all that jazz. then me and him desided that we wanted to start seeing one another and he told her that we were talking and she flipped out told him to go jump off a cliff and he would never see his only daughter and that he hurt her but when they were together she was married and she was married when she had the baby, they were together for two years. When we started seeing one another and started to get serious we started talking about our future with his daughter and I want that so much. but when I over hear his conversation with the BM(baby mama) and he starts to tell me what was said and I told him I already hurd her he tells me well don't be listening it has nothing to do with you... I put him onto my phone bill so that he could have a phone and I get help with the bill he didn't want her to know that the phones were in my name when he told her his new number, he talks about BM and baby all the time baby I can understand but I don't want to hear about the baby mama and as far as I am concerned him and her have no other future besides the baby from this point on its me and him and his daughter that's the only future he has, of course don't think me naive because I know that BM will be in our lives forever but if it doesn't have anything to do with his daughter they shouldn't talk...or that's how I see it anyway.he tells me all the time he can't wait to have a future with the three of us and were going to panama for vacation in a month he says he doesn't want to be with her anymore bacause the only thing he wanted was to see his daughter and that's why he was trying to get back with her, I'm not sure what to think when I wright it down like this I feel like its not that big of a deal and that he really does love me he just doesn't know how to handle the situation because this is the first child he has had and I'm the first real relationship that he has had sence her...


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  • i think its more of your problem than his. he's obviously going to care because he's a good person


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  • seems to me that he is a waste of f**king time, I mean for real. cmon now. He is wasting your time sweety. He needs to be focused on getting his life together instead of being under your wing.

    You CAN do better my love. I hope you get out of this situation.

    • we have been together every day for 2 months... I think he is trying this is his first kid and he doesn't really know how to handle it.

    • 2 months!? that's even better! Get out while you can, too complicated, too soon.

  • i think he isn't if I were you I would move on


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